Sagging Bust Problem & Bulky Bottom Part

Emral Shum, Teacher
Before: 32C
After: 34 C

I am a teacher and I just delivered my first child last year. After giving birth, I put on a lot of weight and my body size got bigger. The worst part is, my breast started to sag.

Before pregnancy, I was only 48kg. After giving birth, my weight ballooned to 64 kg; even my friends were wondering if I was pregnant again I went on diet and managed to reduce my weight to 57 kg. Since it was not a multi-faceted program, I developed sagging skin, cellulite on my tummy and droopy breast. I was totally out of shape!

Under the treatment and care of Glow & Glamour, I managed to achieve the desired results: a better body shape, ideal body weight (48kg), acceptable body fat level (21.5%) and a younger body age of 24 even though I am 29 years old.

Now, I am a slim, confident and healthy person! At the same time, I become a real testimonial. I am not only slimmer, my breast is lifted, fuller and the size increases from 32C to 34C.Now, I have got back in shape and my bust is even more fuller.

Thanks to Glow & Glamour for the one stop solution in solving my weight problem as well as my sagging breast.