8 Exercises To Get That J.LO-Worthy Booty

There used to be a time when it was all about voluptuous curves, or a tiny waist, or super long legs. While all of that is still desirable, the focus has shifted. These days it’s all about that booty. Everyone wants to have a great, big, toned, round butt. It’s gotten to the point where you now can buy not only push up bras, but also push up jeans, special padded pants and booty pads — all designed to enhance your beautiful behind and make it look bootylicious.
While all those products are viable options you can use to fake it till you make it, today we’re going to focus on what you can do, in terms of exercising, to make your real god-given butt look J.Lo-worthy.

1. Leg Lifts
Get on all fours and then drop onto your elbows. Now all you’ve got to do is keep your leg bent at the knee and lift them up. Do about 10 leg lifts on one side and then switch. For a better result do three sets for each leg.

2. Squats
You’ve got to learn to love squats – they’re not easy, but they’re really worth it. The trick here is to have proper form. It’s important not to lean forward too much and keep your weight on your heels. Your feet should be shoulder width apart, or slightly wider, hold your back straight, your core — tight. When you do squats make sure your knee doesn’t go over your toes.