6 Exercises That Are More Effective for Losing Weight Than Running!

We have found these 6 extremely efficient exercises to help you to get your perfect body. If you are not a fan of running including this 6 exercises will provide you better results.

1. Jump rope

This is not only one of the best cardio exercises it also effectively burns calories. This is also the great workout to include in your daily routine, the best is that you control the paste ,you can accelerate or slow down .

2. Mountain climbers

With mountain climbers, you increase your circulation, strengthen your leg muscles, arms and core and most importantly you actively engage your entire body. With only a few sets of 50 which you can easily do while watching TV, you will do wonder for your body.

3.High knee sprints

This workout is great for burning extra calories ,and while you do it your heart rate increases like in running. During high knee sprint, you can keep the same running past or speed up. Adding this into your jog is a great decision to make

4. Burpees

Even though this exercise is targeted to a certain part of your body ,it activates your whole body and increases your stamina. This workout is like up-downs combined with jumps. Faster is better so try to do them as quick as you can.Results guaranteed in one week ,but you have to do at least 100 per day.

5. Long Jumps

Find open space for work out and try to jump as far as you can. The Proper way to do this exercise is 10-20 jumps for minimum 3 times .After a while, you will notice how your coordination and balance have improved. This is the great workout for the lower part of your body.

6.Tuck Jumps

For this exercise that burns calories and improves your stamina you don’t need open space ,all you need to do is to extend your arms in front and as you jump pull your knees up ,attempting to touch them with your hands. The number of repeats depends only on your will and condition.

Source: http://www.healthylifeland.com/6-exercises-that-are-more-effective-for-losing-weight-than-running/